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William Delaney

Consultant Solicitor

Bill Delaney, son of the late Kevin Delaney and grandson of firm's founder, William George Delaney, completed his qualifications in law from the University of Queensland in 1966.  He was admitted to practice in April of 1967.  Bill practiced initially as a junior partner with his father for 15 years and then in 1982 became the senior partner of the firm.  He was joined by Leanne O'Shea and they enjoyed a very successful partnership together until 1999.  Bill remained with the firm as a Consultant and has behind him over fifty years of experience in all areas of General Practice.

In recent times he has developed a keen interest in and emphasis on Wills and Estate planning, business advice and conveyancing, dispute resolution and the legal rights of the disabled and elderly.

Bill's capacity to develop a professional relationship based on mutual trust and respect gives him an opportunity to deliver legal services in a holistic way.  He seeks to obtain a broad view of the client's profile in an endeavour to deliver a professional service that will meet the long term needs of the client.

As the Consultant to the firm, Bill is frequently involved in supporting the team approach that the firm brings to the wide variety of professional services available through Delaney & Delaney.